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Using Essential Oil for Relaxation

Essential oil for relaxation

For benefits of how to use an Essential oil for Relaxation, please read on….

Even though it is getting harder for people to find the time to properly relax and unwind, there are many things a person can do to make themselves feel better. Even in the comfort of your own home, it is possible to get away from it all and make yourself feel a little bit calmer than you were before. One of the more popular solutions that people are turning to involves using an essential oil for relaxation. The oils are a tremendous, aromatic way of creating a little oasis of calm at home. This can help you feel better about yourself and help you set yourself up to face whatever life throws at you.

The reason that the scent of the essential oil is important is due to the benefits of Aromatherapy. The aromas carried by the various oils have curative qualities and the use of these oils has hugely increased recently. They can help you feel better about yourself by lifting your spirits or to soothe and calm your mind. It is extremely easy to be bogged down with stresses of life so finding the time to relax and move away from these pressures is essential for everyone.

Take time to do something for yourself

Aside from the actual aromatherapy itself, many people appreciate essential oils for the entire process of using them. You can set the scene and prepare the room for use of the oils and this can be of benefit as much as the aromatherapy itself. The reason that many people feel under pressure in their life is because they rarely find the time to do something for themselves. Deciding to use these oils, allows people to take the opportunity to do just that. This provides a break from the rest of their routine, and helps to focus on their own needs or nothing at all, prefect for the mind and body.

Being Calm and Relaxed

The associated relaxation and comfort that comes with using an essential oil product will go a long way to improving the mood or emotions of a person. Whether they are relaxing in a bath or just lying down in a calm and serene room, the entire process of using the oils is based around being calm and relaxed. Once people get into this frame of mind it becomes easier to maintain and can give your mind something to focus on in more stressful times. Yes, even when you are not using aromatherapy to relax, your mind can remember the time and you can use that memory to help you relax.

Choosing an essential oil solution to ease your stress and worries is ideal for those who appreciate organic and alternative remedies. Some people will naturally go for a medicinal solution but, depending on the circumstances, this is not for everyone. Choosing an organic solution should help in the short and long term, providing an overall better outcome and hopefully making them feel better about themselves. Different things work for different people but aromatherapy and essential oils could be the answer you have been looking for.

Which Essential Oil to use for Relaxation

The main essential oils used in aromatherapy for relaxation are as follows:-

These essential oils are all grown in the UK and can be purchased at our online store at www.essentialoilsonline.co.uk

How to use the essential oils

  • In an essential oil diffuser or burner – 1 drop of each in the diffuser or essential oil burner
  • In the bath – 2 drops of each in a tablespoon of bath oil, carrier oil or milk (which will act as a natural dispersant)
  • 2 drops added to a teaspoon of carrier oil or cream and rubbed into the skin.


If you are unfamiliar with using essential oils or have any medical condition we would recommend you spoke to a qualified aromatherapist before use. If using with children or elderly people we would recommend half the dosage.

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