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Best Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Tips

We love to share, so here are the best essential oil tips and recipes sent in so far.

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I use a cotton wool disc and put essential oils on the disc. I pop it in the vacuum cleaner while hoovering round the house and it leaves a beautiful smell. My favourite is lemongrass. It brings a little happinesses and well-being when you are stuck at home in lockdown. It is a natural alternate to man made chemical in air fresheners.

Caroline Taylor, 19th January 2021. JANUARY'S WINNING TIP!



My mum suffers from "achey, stiff joints" and her shoulder has suddenly started to flare up. I created her a blend of avocado/apricot and jojoba Carrier oils mixed with geranium and lavender essential oils and she really does notice a relief.

Natalie, 2nd October 2020. OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP!

Please note, we have changed the text slightly as we are not allowed to mention a medical condition on our website. We have replaced with the nearest words we can in inverted commas.




I have been using your lavender floral water everyday to remove my make up. Then I spray again over the skin again and it has been clearing up all my spots. My friend told me about this and I thought I would give it a go. Thank you!

Jessica, 21st September 2020.



A drop of coriander seed essential oil diluted in a tablespoon (15ml) of calendula macerated oil massaged onto the tummy and lower back makes the most amazing remedy for windy, fussy babies that just won't be put down even when they're asleep.

Sent in by Ayesha M, 11th August 2020. AUGUST's WINNING TIP!


If your fridge / freezer is beginning to smell unpleasant, wash it out thoroughly with your traditional cleaner in your usual way. Then prepare a final rinse containing a few drops of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, or orange essential oil to leave a fresh clean scent. Never add too much oil into the water - 3 drops to half a bucket of water are plenty. Add a splash of washing-up liquid to help the essential oils disperse properly and wipe the surfaces.

Sent in by Star of the World, 27th August 2020.


I have been using about 4 drops of vetivert and 4 drops of clary sage in the bath and finding I am getting better nights sleep!

Sent in by Alistair, May 2020.


I have many issues with stiff neck and shoulder after having two discs replaced in my neck and need regular physio treatment. Since we've been in lockdown and I was unable to get to physio I took matters into my own hands and bought some almond oil and used some lavender oil and ylang ylang oil that I had at home and got my husband to massage my neck and shoulder. It's made a massive difference and I'm off the strong anti inflammatories that I was needing to take!

Sent in by Nancy 20th May 2020.


Banish fruit flies from your kitchen caddy with essential oils

The next time you empty your kitchen caddy into which you recycle food waste, wash the caddy with soapy water, thoroughly dry it, cover its bottom with a paper tower, take a round cotton wool makeup removing pad or a piece of cotton wool if you don't have the flat round pads, and drip 20 drops of neat peppermint oil on it. Place it on top of the paper towel on the bottom of the caddy, affix the bag into which the food scraps will go, and voila - you'll never have fruit flies in the caddy! I store my caddy with its lid OPEN in a cupboard and never have fruit flies!

Sent in 31st May 2020.



I would like to share with you how I use oils.

My husband had a sore spot in his mouth because of his dentures and he lost some weight. He was not able to eat at all because he was in pain from three days. When he shared with me I used:
- Frankincese 4 drops
- Tea tree 5 drops
- Majoram- 4 drops

All in 200 ml water in a bottle. I asked him to rinse, gargle his mouth and spit out. With repetition on every hour. He felt relief just after the fourth repetition and had his dinner in without so much pain.

Next is my tip to boost immunity. I am a key worker and communicate with 100 per hour. I use 1 drop of ginger, 1 drop lemon, 1 drop cinnamon, 1 drop majoram in a 500 ml water bottle and drink that through out the whole day at work. Small sip often. I read that majoram could be taken for no longer than 2 weeks so I will take it off my mix later and might replace it with something else.

I do a foot bath 2 times a week for the whole family with mixing different oils.

Stay home and be positive.


Please consult with a qualified aromatherapist before using the above tips as we are not able to say the essential oils can be ingested.



I use essential oils to clean my yoga mats. A really simple recipe - 3/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of witchhazel with 5 drops each of tea tree, lavender and lemongrass oils - all great anti-bacterials. Highly recommend, good for the environment and makes the room smell lovely too.

Louisa - February 2020 FEBRUARY's WINNING TIP!



Cuts of all sorts!!
I cut my hand on two different occasions with my hoof trimming knife, very sharp.
It needed taping one time.
I put on neat Yarrow Blue and they healed overnight.
(I've noticed that it goes in when needed otherwise sits on top of the skin)

Jeni, October 2019 - OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP!

Please note this is not to be taken as medical advice. Please seek advice from a qualified aromatherapist if you are unsure. Always do a patch test first as neat essential oil is not recommended to be put directly on the skin without receiving professional advice first.



To help promote a good night's sleep. Blend a drop each of Chamomile, Vetivert and Lavender essential oils in a carrier oil and place in a roller ball. Wonderful when travelling for problems relaxing and sleeping when away from home. Easy to use and to transport as the roller ball is easy to use when travelling. Wonderful to relax when travelling long distance by air also (believe me, I have just travelled to Australia and it was a godsend).

Julie, September 2019 - SEPTEMBER'S WINNING TIP!

Please note this is not to be taken as medical advice. Please seek advice from a GP if you are unsure.



I would like to share my amazing experience.

I was on my second dose of antibiotics for a chest infection I could not get rid of. I could not stop coughing. A simple mixture of ratio 1 drop of Sandalwood, 2 drops of Lavender to 5ml base oil as an ointment to rub on chest completely dried up all the mucus within 24 hours and helped to keep me immune from infections for several years afterwards.

Submitted by Evelyn Modlinger, April 2019 - APRIL'S WINNING TIP!

Please note this is not to be taken as medical advice. Please seek advice from a GP if you are unsure.



To enable clients to begin to heal psychologically and emotionally, I use a drop of lavender, vetivert and frankincense together in jojoba oil and smooth it on the back of a chair or cushion so there is a gentle smell in the room. The combination really helps anxiety, with these uplifting yet calming oils by focussing on the sense of smell during meditation.

Submitted by Marie-Louise, January 2019 - JANUARY'S WINNING TIP!


I have recently had a really bad cold so essential oils have been invaluable in keeping the air in the house fresh and hopefully doing a bit of 'bug busting'.

I washed all the counter tops this morning, using some of the Rose geranium oil I recently purchased. The kitchen has smelled divine all day! - JANUARY'S WINNING TIP!

Submitted by Tricia, January 2018.



Delighted to have received more rosemary oil as I use it in my washing machine. Add about 10mls of white vinegar and around 5-6 drops of each your favourite oil to the fabric conditioner compartment to make your washing soft and fragrant. Blend your own oils, personally I love bergamot and rosemary. Not only will your washing benefit but ditching gloopy fabric conditioners is kinder on your skin, the environment and your washing machine too! Happy washing!

Sent in by Donna C, 8th November 2018



I have found that adding a couple of drops of Clary Sage essential oil to 5ml of coconut oil (or a carrier oil of your choice) and rubbing it onto my abdomen really reduces cramps and relaxes my abdomen. It smells great too!

Sent in by Gemma Dunne, 28th April 2018 - APRIL'S WINNING TIP!



I really hate vacuuming and having a lovely Labrador who, as all labby owners will know, sheds hair all the time so the Dyson is used every day.

In order to get rid of the stale smell of dog and refresh my house all in one go, I put a few drops of Lemon or Lime essential oil into the removable collection part, and my house smells divine! I would imagine those who still use bags, a few drops into the bag would have a similar effect.

As a word of caution, I would recommend that any oils used should never be put near electrical parts.

Happy hoovering!

Sent in by Niki Griffiths, 21st March 2018 - MARCH'S WINNING TIP!



When working from home, on a laptop all day, I leave open a bottle of Jasmine oil next to the fan outlet of the laptop while I work,... smells like working in an Italian garden, as it works as a diffuser !

Sent in by O.J., February 2018 - FEBRUARY'S WINNING TIP!



HOW TO GET RID OF TOENAIL FUNGUS. In a suitable container, such as a ceramic egg cup, add a few drops of Organic Tea Tree pure essential oil to similar amount of Organic Spanish Oregano pure essential oil. Allow a piece of lint or similar to absorb the liquid and 'paint' on to affected toenails twice a day. Smells great and it does work. After 7 months of treatment (I'm on my second batch of 30 mls oils) my fungus feet are now almost fully recovered. Also great for Athletes foot. It avoids taking tablets that can have dire side effects.

Submitted by Pete Bates, January 2018 - JANUARY'S WINNING TIP


I have recently had a really bad cold so essential oils have been invaluable in keeping the air in the house fresh and hopefully doing a bit of 'bug busting'.

I washed all the counter tops this morning, using some of the Rose geranium oil I recently purchased. The kitchen has smelled divine all day! - JANUARY'S WINNING TIP!

Submitted by Tricia, January 2018.



I'm really looking forward to trialing permutations of essential oils. I have had some amazing results in the past. Just one example that you may like to share on the EOO website. I have been suffering with a virus over the past weeks which has attacked my joints causing aches and pain similar to arthritis. A simple mix of marjoram and ginger with a base oil used as an ointment (joints to painful to endure a massage) gave immediate relief from the aches.

Submitted by June, 15th November 2016. - NOVEMBER'S WINNING TIP!


To help keep germs at bay, put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in a vaporiser at the office or at home.

Submitted by Julie, 12th Janaury 2016.


For an all-natural spider repellent fill a clean spray bottle with water, then add 3-5 drops of essential oil of peppermint or lemon (or both) to the water and shake well to blend. Spray around doors and windows, both inside and outside, and it will keep spiders from entering. Spider "taste" with their feet, and they hate strong, acidic scents like peppermint and lemon. It also make the room smell fresh---spray around baseboards, under cupboards and sideboards---anywhere that spiders may lurk!

Stephen Michael, 22nd July 2015 - JULY'S WINNING TIP!
To help keep germs at bay, put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in a vaporiser at the office or at home.


I put a drop of citronella oil on the inside of my skirt hem or shorts hem whilst on holiday and it seems to keep the bugs at bay!

Submitted by Mary, 21st MAY 2015


Having a very sensitive skin, especially on my face, I am very hesitant when trying out new products, but having used several of Essential's massage oils without any problems, I decided to try the Rose Floral water, as I had finished my usual facial toner .

Having used the Rose Water as a facial toner for a couple of weeks I just had to write a review of this product.

It is instantly refreshing and cooling; my skin feels so soft and clean, without becoming dry or sore, and the lovely rose perfume comes through without being overpowering.

A joy to use prior to applying makeup, following cleansing, and as a spritzer any time of the day.

Submitted by Rita B, 31st May 2015. - MAY'S WINNING TIP



I put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in an oil burner when someone has a bug in the house and it's said to cleanse the air.

Submitted by Veronica, 28th APRIL 2015 - APRIL'S WINNING TIP!



I use Tea Tree essential oil in my nappy bin to neutralise the "aroma"! Just add a few drops in with the soiled nappies and it's very effective until the next wash load.

Submitted by Christine, 14th February 2015 - FEBRUARY'S WINNING TIP!



My favourite tip for Christmas is to mix 3 drops of orange essential oil with 1 drop of clove and cinnamon essential oil and gently heat in an aromastone (or oil burner). It creates the most wonderful Christmas aroma!

Submitted by Julie, 29th November 2014 - NOVEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



With winter germs, bugs and runny noses all around, I recommend, making your own natural disinfectant spray.
1/2 cup Vodka, 1/2 cup Water, 15 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (antimicrobial), 25 drops of Orange Essential Oil (prohibits bacterial growth), 15 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil (is a germicide) and 15 drops of Lavender oil (antiviral).
Mix all ingredients together and add to a spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle frequently while cleaning.
*Ta Dah* Naturally clean, sweet smelling and germ free surfaces- without all the chemical nasties!

Submitted by Vanessa 30th October 2014 - OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP!



Put a drop or two of peppermint essential oil on a tissue and place in the corner of your rooms. Spiders hate peppermint!.

Submitted by Victoria 30th September 2014 - SEPTEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



I massage onto my toes and feet after a bath while skin is still damp. It has drastically improved circulation and cured my "red, itchy, sore toes" overnight.
50% grapeseed oil, 30% olive oil, 20% avocado oil
18 drops black pepper, 15 lemon, 12 geranium

You will need 30ml glass bottle with pipette, fill bottle with 15ml grapeseed oil (or half full) add black pepper, lemon, geranium close bottle and shake vigorously add 9ml olive oil, 6ml avocado oil shake again.

Submitted by Angela Chung 31st March 2014 - MARCH'S WINNING TIP!



I put a few drops of Argan oil in the palm of my hand then rub my hands together and sparingly put it into the ends of my hair whilst damp. This keeps it soft, conditioned and helps heal split ends too. It's wonderful!

Submitted by Fiona P, 30th December 2013 -DECEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



For a natural Christmas blend I mix a few drops of orange essential oil with 2 drops of cinnamon leaf essential oil and gently heat in the oil burner. This makes a lovely festive fragrance, great to use when guests visit!

Submitted by Melanie, 25th October 2013 - OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP!



I use oils myself and recommend them to patients and friends. I have found 2 recipes which are particularly helpful to use with the homeopathic remedies, here is one of them:-

For itchy little bugs in the hair (I'm afraid we are not allowed to say the word)

1/2 ml Tea tree oil
1/2 ml Thyme oil
1/2 ml eucalyptus oil
1 ml Lavender oil

Make up to 50 ml with Sweet almond oil

Rub into hair and leave for a while, then rinse off.

Submitted by Pam Foreman, 25th July 2013 - JULY'S WINNING TIP!



To keep the bugs at bay, I put a drop of lemongrass or citronella essential oil on the inside hem of my skirt or on the edge of my socks. It seems to stop the bites on a summer's evening!

Submitted by Valerie, 29th June 2013 - JUNE'S WINNING TIP!!



In the summer season rub some Organic Almond oil round your nostrils and it should help with a runny nose and sneezes during the day.

Submitted by Kate H, 28th May 2013 - MAY'S WINNING TIP!!



When you have the snuffles and find it hard to sleep, put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and a drop of Eucalyptus essential oil into a vaporiser and it can help you through the night.

Submitted by Rachel, 28th February 2013 - FEBRUARY'S WINNING TIP!!



I thought I would share this tip with all the customers of your lovely website:

You can make a natural facial soap (and shampoo) by simply diluting organic castille soap with filtered boiled water (50/50). Then add 5 ml or 7,5 ml of any fluid carrier oils (such as almond, avocado or olive, etc) to it and shake well. You can also add essenstial oils of your choice to it. If you are using it as a shampoo then don't rush to rinse it of straight away: massage your scalp and then leave the shampoo for a minute or so and the added oils will act as a conditioner. The main idea of the tip was taken from Stephanie Tourles' "Organic Body care recipes".

To make the shampoo a little stronger please add some liquid black african soap (30% african soap, 30% castille shampoo, 35% water, 2% carrier oil).

Submitted by Marina 4th November 2012 - NOVEMBER'S WINNING TIP!!



Hi Essential Oils

Here is my tip of the month.

To rid my dog of fleas I mix a few drops orange essential oil with a base shampoo and bath him. Some dogs may be sensitive to EO's so be careful.

Thank you

Bianca, 24th September 2012 - SEPTEMBER'S WINNING TIP!!


To relieve the boredom of ironing and make the clothes smell beautiful too, I add floral water to my iron.
I dilute it with ordinary water and it makes the chore more pleasant and the clothes smell so good.
Rose is my favourite at the moment but it was orange blossom until a few weeks ago.

Love Melanie x

22nd August 2012 - AUGUST'S WINNING TIP!



There is a section to send in a recipe, so this is a recipe for facial shave oil.

20 ml - Avocado oil

6 drops - Myrrh

2 drops - Geranium

3 drops - Sandalwood

Simply mix together. To use just pour a little into the palm of one hand, rub hands together and massage onto face before your usual shave soap/foam/cream. I use it over the whole of my face as it is a terrific balancer, rejuvenator and skin food!

This is great for all types of skin; mine tends to be oily and this balances it out nicely.

Simon David Wells, 10th July 2012. - JULY'S WINNING TIP!



Quick tip for the month is add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a lighted candle (avoid snuffing the flame) and the heat of the hot wax will help to naturally fragrance your room without the 'manufactured stench' of some scented candles.

Submitted by Jackie Campbell, 27th June 2012 - JUNE'S WINNING TIP



Top Tip: I have just begun experimenting with essential oils, taking it slowly but steadily falling more and more in love with them and the whole process of discovering the attributes and healing properties of each oil, it is so much fun! So far I have been very cautious because the oils are so potent today I decided I would try a massage blend, to do this I needed an appropriate dish, so I did what any sensible young lady would do I hit the charity shops and returned home with four beautiful saucers, two very elegant glass saucers, perfect for massage blends and two saucers I could not resist because they were so lovely, all of which cost under £5 (a bargain as well as being extremely practical) and they make great decoration. If you keep you're massage blend in a glass bottle you can pour a little into a dish for easy use, I would only pour out what I planned on using and would not recommend leaving massage blends out, or reusing what has been left in a dish for obvious reasons.

Submitted by F Vick, 21st April 2012


I place a few drops of lemon essential oil into the water compartment of my steam mop before use. When I mop the floors it has a lovely aroma.

Submitted by Kelly, Norwich 28th April 2012 - APRIL'S WINNING TIP!


Here's my aromatherapy tip: I use neat Lavender oil on cold sores as soon as I feel the tingle - it can stop them in their tracks if you put it on quick enough and its gentle enough to put on as many times as necessary throughout the day.

Submitted by Carol Green, 5th March 2012 - MARCH'S WINNING TIP



For those who make their own creams. If your face cream came out very rich/heave/sticky - don't through it way. I found that there are several ways in using such cream.

1. Use it as a mask. Apply a thick layer of your rich cream, massage your face gently and leave cream for 15-20 minutes (perhaps add 1 drop of essential oil of your choice before applying). Take a face cloth and immerse it in hot (boiled water would be the best for purity) and cover your face for couple of minutes. Then you can use this cloth to wipe the rest of the cream away;

2. You can apply a little to your face in the morning as part of your daily skincare routine - wait for 10-15 minutes and then use a cosmetic tissue to absorb the rest of the cream;

3. Or after applying cream, massage your face gently, wait 10-15 minutes and then spray aromatic floral water on your face and pat dry with a tissue or cotton wool/bud - enjoy the salon feeling; - FEBRUARY'S WINNING TIP!

4. Simply use it as a hand cream.

Submitted by Marina, 6th February 2012



To avoid spreading the infection caused by cold germs around your house you can use the following essential oils in the oil burner: eucalyptus blue gum, thyme, lemon, peppermint, ginger, peppermint rosemary, hyssop, lavender, cinnamon. You can also fumigate your bedroom (by using the milder oils such as myrtle, lavender or marjoram) but don't leave the oil burner unattended.

Submitted by Marina, 1st December 2011 - DECEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



If you have rat or mice problems, put a few drops of peppermint onto come cotton wool balls and place in the area for an excellent repellent. Works every time !

Submitted by Nick G, 3rd November 2011

Today I blended 3 drops of orange oil and 3 drops of cinnamon leaf oil to make a fantastically Christmassy home fragrance for my burner - it smelt amazing!

Submitted by Miranda Webber 29th November 2011. NOVEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



When making your body oils or facial serums add about 5% - 10% wheatgerm oil - it will add extra properties to your oil as well as prevent your body oil or facial mixture from going rancid quickly. It can also be added to balms or ointments as well. That is because wheatgerm oil is packed with Vitamin E.

Submitted by Marina, 13th October 2011 - OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP!


Tip for those who use oils for hair:

Once you are about to wash the oil off apply neat shampoo first. I find that liquid black african soap works the best for this purpose. Whilst in the shower spread your shampoo evenly on your hair and then start adding water bit by bit until you can easily lather your shampoo and then don't rinse straight away but wait a minute or so, so that shampoo can absorb most of the oil. Rinse well. Then repeat as you would usually wash your hair.

For those who uses neem oil (for example, I make the following oil for hair: coconut oil, neem and then any rich oil of your choice). When rinsing hair for the second time add several drops of any aromatic essential oils (or essential oil suitable for your type of hair) to your shampoo (liquid castille is the best) and lather as usual. Rinse well.

I put quite a few drops of essential oils in the bottle of shampoo and it really gets rid of the smell caused by neem.

Submitted by Marina, 1st September 2011.


"Clove oil applied with a cotton bud to toothache does give temporary relief from discomfort."

Submitted by V Pritchard, Norwich, 28th June 2011 - JUNE'S WINNING TIP !


Tired cold aching feet from this harsh winter? I love filling a bowl with hot water and adding a few drops of lime and ginger essential oils to it, for a warm invigorating treat.

Submitted by Lisa Geldard, Swansea, 18th March 2011 - MARCH'S WINNING TIP !


Use a little Avocado oil mixed with Olive oil and massage into the scalp daily to stimulate the hair follicles. This also stimulates the blood flow and helps you to feel relaxed.

Submitted by Sophie Barnes, 28th February 2011 - FEBRUARY'S WINNING TIP!


Rather than carrying around paracetamol for headaches, I blend grapeseed and 1 drop of peppermint oil and pour into a rollette. When I feel a headache coming on, I dab on temples.

Germaine Reilly, submitted 12th December 2010 - DECEMBER'S WINNING TIP!


Add 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil to your water in the iron, not only does it work like ironing water but it also lifts your sprit whilst doing those household chores, you could add any oil of your choice.

Lisa Geldard from Swansea, submitted 3rd October 2010 - OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP !



When your 5ml bottles of precious oils are empty remove the stopper and fill them with a carrier oil and leave for a day or two. The remaining essential oil or absolute will mix with the carrier giving you a 1 or 2% blend to use in the bath or add to a blend. The stopper can also be cleaned in an egg cup with some carrier oil.

Kind regards

James Russell, 20th September 2010 - SEPTEMBER'S WINNING TIP !


Add 3 or 4 drops of lavender to play dough for toddlers to play with before nap or bedtime, to help them relax, and you too if you feeling stressed, just get the play dough out at times of toddler stress!

Elizabeth Rawes, 17/09/2010


To make your fridge smell nicer and fresh, apply on a little barbecue charcoal just one drop tea tree oil then place it into the fridge somewhere in a little container. You will soon see the results.

Matthew, 16th September 2010.



To keep flies out of the bin (they love getting in with the thrown out bits of salad etc.), I place a couple of drops of geranium essential oil on a bit of kitchen towel and place in the bin liner at the bottom of the bin when changing the liner. This has proved totally effective in my country kitchen! It is also better than citronella and tea tree for keeping the bugs at bay - especially as we live near non-flowing farm water irrigation channels and gets lots of mossies - so we use geranium oil to steer them away!

Submitted by Jo Head from a Barn in deep Suffolk countryside! 11th August 2010. - AUGUST'S WINNING TIP !


Men's sweat makes clothes stink, particularly if not washed straight away. My husband always adds 1-2 cups white vinegar in the washing, and a few drops of a anti-bacterial, cleansing, strong-scented essential oil like petitgrain or eucalyptus as 'softener'. The tops he uses to run or play squash always come out or the washing smelling divine, and keep a light scent even after dry!

Submitted by Andrea P. 15/08/2010.


I have had skin flaps on my neck for years and I thought the only method of removal was surgery. Wrong!!

I applied Tea Tree Oil a few times and within a couple of weeks they have all gone!

So thrilled!!

Violet King. Submitted 1st August 2010.



When having a BBQ, put a few drops of Citronella essential oil in the coals to keep the bugs away.

Submitted by S.D Wood, 10th June 2010 - JUNE'S WINNING TIP !


A face oil made from a mixture of 5 drops Eucalyptus oil, 5 drops Clary Sage oil, 5 drops of White Thyme oil, 5 drops of Egyptian Geranium oil, 5 drops of Bergamot oil, 15 drops of Lavender oil in 25mls Grapeseed oil and 5mls of Carrot Tissue oil.

This has revolutionised my beauty regime! It really moisturises without leaving my skin greasy.

Submitted by S Cook 14/06/2010.

Make a herbal anti tick collar by putting a few drops of Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree oil, Citronella oil, Lavender oil or Geranium oil to absorb into a bandana.

Will help keep the ticks and fleas at bay.

Submitted by Nancy Monk 15/06/2010.



If you suffer from fatigue, try carrying round a bottle of Lavender with you. Inhaling straight from the bottle really does help.

Submitted by Sandra Byrne, 20th May 2010 - MAY'S WINNING TIP!



After a long hot Summer's day (lets hope so). add a couple of drops of Peppermint oil to a foot bath to soothe and revive your feet.

Submitted by R. Catchpole, 30th April 2010. APRIL'S WINNING TIP!



The celebrities say the scent of Grapefruit essential oil can help our enzymes which can aid weight loss !

Submitted by R.Richardson, 12th January 2010. JANUARY'S WINNING TIP!



I was given a pot of organic coconoil together with the leaflet explaining all the uses of the coconut oil.
Just after Christmas my hands and fingers flared up with red, flaky and sore areas of skin (all the Christmas washing up!). I applied the gorgeous smelling oil twice a day and by day three, my hands were almost clear. I was so pleased what a wonderful product.

Thank you.

Submitted by J.Thomas, 31st December 2009. - DECEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



Place 2-3 drops of Lemongrass essential oil in your shoes or trainers to neutralise odours.

Submitted by Carol Davis, Cardiff, 18th November 2009. - NOVEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



For a perfect smell for your home during the winter months, mix 2 drops of cinnamon with 4 drops of orange essential oil in an oil burner. The two oils together compliment each other beautifully.

V Pritchard, 31st October 2009 - OCTOBER'S WINNING TIP!



Add a couple of drops of geranium essential oil to a glass of warm water and gargle to relieve sore throat symptoms. You can do the same with Tea Tree oil (this is a safer option for children who can't get the hang of gargling).

Rachel Catchpole, 30th September 2009 - SEPTEMBER'S WINNING TIP!



Put about 5 drops of essential oil - pine or rosemary are wonderful - on a lightly crumpled tissue and place it in your empty vacuum cleaner bag. It adds a whole new dimension to housework and makes the house smell gorgeous.

Holly Haig, 24th August 2009 - AUGUST'S WINNING TIP!



Place a piece of cotton wool or tie a hankie on the fan wire frame and put a couple of drops of chamomile or lavender essential oil on it to help the little one's settle at night !

Sarah Wood, 31st July 2009. - JULY'S WINNING TIP!



Make you're own exfoliator:

use ground almonds and a base oil (e.g. peach) in a jar and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a lovely smell...
use under the shower for lovely smooth skin.

Dominika Phillips, 23rd June 2009.



Here's my laundry tip. I put 2 or 3 drops of uplifting essential oil, orange or ylang ylang on a clean sock or old face flannel and place it in the wash along with a load. JUNE'S WINNING TIP !

I sometimes also add a few drops of lavender oil on an old pillowcase for the last few minutes the clothes are in the dryer.

Niki, 26th June 2009.



I always put 2-4 drops of Lavender (or mixture of Lavender and Chamomile) essential oils on the cotton balls and put inside my kids' wardrobe or drawer. Works well for a good night sleep!

CK Koong, 5th May 2009. MAY'S WINNING TIP !


I use a mixture of
Thyme oil
Cinnamon oil and
Clove oil
I mix with a cup of steaming water and inhale
Its fabulous for sinus clearing.

T. Aird, 27th May 2009.


1. I make my own multi purpose cleaner, into a spray bottle I put water, a small amount of white vinegar, the I add a few drops of essential oil to mask the smell of the vinegar, this can be used on windows, tiles, I use it everywhere.
2. I add a few drops of essential oil to a tissue and slip it into my pillow case at night especially lavender. - APRIL'S WINNING TIP !
3. I add a few drops of essential oil to a cloth and slip it behind the radiators when they are on, the rooms smell lovely.

Linda Kemshell, 20th April 2009.


When using essential oils in the bath, mix the oils with c.4 fl.oz. of milk [use soya millk if Vegan]. this ensures even distribution and quick absorption rather than dissipation via hot water.

Jon Chadwick, 23rd April 2009.


Put a few drops of essential oil in your shower tray before you shower and you get the scent as you shower a super quick fix for busy mornings! MARCH'S WINNING TIP !

J Hope, 2nd March 2009.



1. I always sprinkle a few drops of essential oil onto a small square of cloth or kitchen roll and place in my hoover.

2. Use your favourite scent or something like tea tree which will blitz germs in the air as you clean.

3. I also like to make my own eco friendly carpet cleaner with a mixture of salt, bicarb and a few drops of essential oil. Sprinkle, and leave for ten minutes before hoovering. - FEBRUARY'S WINNING TIP !

Best Wishes, L Birch, 17th February 2009.



Revitalise scented wooden balls with a little Lavender mixed with a carrier oil. When dry they can be placed near a radiator to freshen the air or put in a cloth bag to go in with clothes.

Submitted by H.Robbins, 28th January 2009.



Put a few drops of Litsea Cubeba essential oil in your hoover bag to help you feel uplifted whilst hoovering!

Submitted by Rachel C.



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