Beeswax Beads, yellow, ORGANIC (Cera Flava)Beeswax Beads, yellow, ORGANIC (Cera Flava)

Here is a typical cold cream recipe:-
80ml Sweet Almond Oil
10gms Beeswax beads
33ml Rose floral water
4-8 drops of your chosen essential oil (ie. Rose Oil or similar to suit your skin type).

1. Place the beeswax and Almond oil in a pyrex bowl and place in a pan of water. Gently heat and stir until the wax is melted.
2. Warm the Rose floral water in a similar way and then gradually add to the wax/oil mixture, whisking all the time.
3. When all the Rose floral water is beaten in, stir in the essential oil.
4. Transfer the mixture to a jar and leave in the refrigerator to set.